Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Job & New Wardrobe

I'm currently maintaining at 236lbs. I have slacked somewhat on eating so hopefully next week will bring back those healthy habits I developed this summer. 

I have a new job,  better money and excellent benefits.  Lots of opportunities to move up in the corporation too which makes me pretty happy. It is back to a career I was hoping to avoid ever going back too but one must do what one must do.

That being said this is a New Changes post and for me that also means new clothes.  I got a financial gift this past week and I used it well too. 

I still need to order shoes though but I'm loving the new look I'm trying to go for:) I have big feet though so I have to order most of my shoes from the States though I'm going to also place an order with Spring Shoes.

Much Love & Healthy Living!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Separate Lives

I am mostly vegetarian.  Shrimp has been my downfall but lets just assume that I'm still ovo-lacto for now..  My husband is a confirmed omnivore which is ok with me.  I didn't stopped eating meat for the reasons most people did so I have no problems touching or cooking it for him.  

If my husband wanted to change then that would be cool but I'm not about changing him but changing me.  He is currently the bringer of the money so its not like I'm going to say "No I wont cook your food do it yourself".  My mom was perfectly fine cooking separate meals for my dad and her and I don't have a problem either.  A lot of times I'll just have what he is having minus the meat or I'll cook them both at the same time or he'll eat first or I will.  My meals are usually pretty quick to prepare anyways. 

I know this wont jive with other people but then again I'm not trying to change you either;)   This is just how we do it and we work out fine. 

In other news I biked yesterday for a grand total of 55minutes and walked for around 4 hours with friends on this funky shopping strip in Edmonton.  It was a lot of fun even if I didn't buy anything:)  

Much Love & Healthy Living!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weigh In

I'm down another 2.4lbs!!! I'm sure I could have lost more in the past month but I'll take any loss for sure:) I haven't even been working out as much as I should have been and though I'm keeping portions down my food choices haven't been as stellar as they could've been either. 

I must also confess that I've gone back to eating shrimp occasionally though I'm trying to keep it at that, occasionally .   I had a feeling shrimp would be my downfall but I only feel the slightest of guilt about it.

This morning for breakfast I had sliced strawberries with some full fat Greek yogurt topped with a 1/2 cup of Kashi cereal.
Lunch will be leftovers from last nights supper-take out pizza
Supper will be roasted vegetables: Carrots,beets,baby potatoes and some chopped onion

Its also D's and mine 9th Anniversary today but I'm not sure if we have any special plans or not. Most likely a day of laundry:D We lead quite the exciting life lol


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