Saturday, March 15, 2014

Moving to Wordpress

I'll be moving this blog over to wordpress in a couple of weeks. I'll post up the new url when it is all set up. 

I hope everyone is having a happy & healthy weekend.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

1.5 miles

This morning I ran 1.5 miles in ten minutes!!  Now that may not be a big deal for some but for me it was.  Of course I was running in place with the Wii Fit but hell I did it and I couldn't feel more accomplished for it.   Running is one thing that I've wanted to do since I started my healthy journey. It's always just been barely out of my reach with tiring out after 1-minute of a slow job.  My scale hasn't budged yet but I feel that I'm getting stronger and that I'm almost craving now to work out.  Of course the bad part is that my gym membership ends on the 10th of this month and I'm not able to renew it yet.  But I have the Wii Fit and I can walk outside when it's not so cold and I have my family's support which has been amazing. 

I have been wearing my Fitbit Force also since I received it in the mail on Friday.  It is a bit awkward to clasp onto my wrist but other than that I havent had any issues at all.  It tracks all the stats I want it to with the exception of when I do a strong cardio work out so I have this heard rate monitor now on my wishlist

Polar FT7

I was looking at another one as mentioned a few blog posts ago but honestly I really don't need super fancy and this was a mid range one that has all the features I require.   I'll save up and try and buy it in March so I can keep even more accurate records of my cardio days. 

I start treatment late February for liver disease and if I do not encounter any side effects I'll rejoin the gym for the days I'm up to it.   I'd like to also take advance of the drop in classes that are included in the cost. 

Much Love!!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First day = A new day

I started out 2014 in a positive way today.  I got up and took my measurements and current weight, plugged them into My Fitness Pal and then  took the family dog out on a 30-minute walk.  I would have gone longer but it was cold and I didn't dress appropriately.  My current stats saddened me a bit but didn't get myself time to dwell or get depressed over and instead took that walk :)  I'm happy I did that.   I have now added the sub-goal of taking the dog out by myself for at least 30-minutes on the days I don't work out. This way I'm still active. 

I had a good breakfast, a  mocha and now I'm watching movies while cleaning our living area and my bedroom. 

My new fitbit force should be here tomorrow and I'm quite excited to receive it.   My sister had gotten me a very pretty necklace for Christmas but it was so delicate that I was worried about it breaking plus I have this mental state that those types of necklaces are for women that weigh less that me.  She was very gracious about letting me return it and I picked up another kind of "jewelry" instead.  

You can't even imagine how excited I am to be getting this. I have the Fitbit zip and while it does work quite nicely I wanted something that would count stairs too and this one does!!  Yay!!!

I'm also buying two swimsuits by the end of January.   This is something while I'm not looking forward too I promised my sister I would so I could hit up the pool with her and the kids.  

I decided on these two:

I think both will give me enough coverage so that I wont feel too self conscious and nothing should sag out which is a nightmare of mine. EEK!!

I hope you all are having a great & warm New Years Day

Monday, December 30, 2013

Setting Yourself up to Suceed or When Failure is NOT an option

Like most people I have something I'd like to accomplish for 2014. I don't want to call them resolutions because honestly those fail within the first 90 days.  Instead I'm setting myself Goals and sub-goals.   

Truthfully I can't fail. My health is on the line.  I have a liver disease and the only way to reverse it is to shed the weight.  I am also in a program to  for weight loss surgery HOWEVER I can't depend on that in case in the end I don't qualify for it for some reason.   So I AM changing my mindset, I AM going to hit my goal targets and I WILL heal my liver through health and wise food choices.   This is no other option at this point.  

2014 Goals

1.  Keep reducing my carb intake and make sure I don't eat the forbidden five: rice, white potatoes, pasta and bread. Totally give up gluten

2.  Walk or do some sort of fitness three days a week for the from Jan-March, 4 days a week from April to July and five days a week thereafter

3.  Meditate twice a week

4. Enroll in a self-enrichment course.  Something fun and just for me.

5.  Do a Whole 30 detox sometime in the next year.

6.  Keep my room tidier and help more around the house in general. Less laziness and more purpose 

Some of my sub-goals are: going to bed early and getting at least 8 hours of sleep,  drinking more water and more active listening, less time on my iPhone and more time with the ones I love.    Also to make more of an effort to like the family dog and take her on frequent walks.

My end goal for 2014 will be to run a 5k.  And yes I said run.  There will be no walking for this lady.  I know I have an inner runner in me trying to bust out and dammit! She will this upcoming year :)

So I don't fail I'm setting mini end dates for each goal and not trying to lose a X amount of weight.  I'll just focus on the above and weight loss should be a positive side effect.  I know when I focus on losing a set amount it sets me to fail city because I get discouraged when the scale won't budge.   

Tomorrow I'm taking my measurements and weighing myself.  Then I'm going to put the scale away. Other than my weight program weigh-ins I will not be checking at home.  I'm going to listen to my body and how I feel and go from there.   

I'm also going to blog more to keep myself accountable so please follow my journey and we will all have a fantastic New Year!!!!

Much Love!!!   

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Janurary 1, 2014- Whole 30 Reset Challenge

I decided that a New Year deserves a fresh start and I noticed that Stupid Easy Paleo is going a Whole 30 challenge so I signed up.

The Whole 30 challenge is 30 days of getting the junk out of your body and giving it a "reset"  this isn't a cleanse but a way of getting back to eating whole foods and detoxing the crap out of what your body doesn't need.

I totally recommend reading "It Starts with Food" or visiting the Whole9 website here.

I have this book on my kindle so I'm going to re-read it over my holiday time off.  There are printables on the website if you get the book in e-reader format and it is available for Kindle & Kobo formats.  I love this book so much I've puchased for a few friends for their e-readers.   Amazon has it priced for kindle at 9.99 U.S. and Chapters has it priced at 9.99CDN for the Kobo.

The Whole9 website also has a email daily support program for 14.95 but I am not sure if I'll subscribe because honestly who has the extra money post holiday spending. 

If you want to join in and maybe start a Team Prairies Primal just post a comment and I'll try and coordinate this for us :)   Group participation always have a higher success rate.

Happy Holiday!!!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

When you don't read through the recipe

I tried two paleo curry recipes this week.   This curry chicken from My Heart Beets

And this Meatball Curry recipe from Paleo OMG

The chicken turned out fantastic though I think I will use bone-in chicken thighs for more flavor.

I think the meatballs would've been better if I had paid more attention to the measuring spoons I was using when adding all the spices.  I pretty much used to much and both days I had them for lunch at work I had bad stomach pains after.   With both curry's I had steamed cauliflower as I didn't want to haul out my food processor to attempt cauliflower rice.

I still want to try and make Paleo Mayonnaise so maybe I'll try later this week.   I also want to attempt to improvise making Nom Nom Paleo's Sous Vide Crispy Chicken Thighs without a Sous Vide.

I'm not sure how much weight I've maybe lost. My scale has been wonky but my clothes have been looser so I'm taking that as a good sign.  Ive been mostly good in the last month with only a few cheats here and there.   I'm still having a hard time making breakfast at home and getting to work on time but even at McDonalds I'm just sticking to scrambled eggs and their sausage patties.  I need to see of the sausage is grain free though and maybe make my own at home on the weekends.  There are a few good recipes I've seen so maybe another Saturday experiment is in order.

Happy Holiday Everyone!!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

2013 Holiday Wish List

I haven't done a wishlist in awhile so I figured its time. This is something I'd love to remember to do annually.

Without further ado

Fiona's 2013 Holiday Wishlist


Fitbit Force

Polar RCX3 GPS-Enabled Heart Rate Monitor

Athleta Gift Card- Awesome Workout Clothes!!

Yurbuds Inspire Pro For Women Earbuds
I also would love a FitBit Aria Wi-Fi scale.   So I don't have a lot of my list but none are inexpensive so I tried to keep it to the items I really wanted the most.  

What is on your healthy holiday wishlist?   


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