Monday, December 30, 2013

Setting Yourself up to Suceed or When Failure is NOT an option

Like most people I have something I'd like to accomplish for 2014. I don't want to call them resolutions because honestly those fail within the first 90 days.  Instead I'm setting myself Goals and sub-goals.   

Truthfully I can't fail. My health is on the line.  I have a liver disease and the only way to reverse it is to shed the weight.  I am also in a program to  for weight loss surgery HOWEVER I can't depend on that in case in the end I don't qualify for it for some reason.   So I AM changing my mindset, I AM going to hit my goal targets and I WILL heal my liver through health and wise food choices.   This is no other option at this point.  

2014 Goals

1.  Keep reducing my carb intake and make sure I don't eat the forbidden five: rice, white potatoes, pasta and bread. Totally give up gluten

2.  Walk or do some sort of fitness three days a week for the from Jan-March, 4 days a week from April to July and five days a week thereafter

3.  Meditate twice a week

4. Enroll in a self-enrichment course.  Something fun and just for me.

5.  Do a Whole 30 detox sometime in the next year.

6.  Keep my room tidier and help more around the house in general. Less laziness and more purpose 

Some of my sub-goals are: going to bed early and getting at least 8 hours of sleep,  drinking more water and more active listening, less time on my iPhone and more time with the ones I love.    Also to make more of an effort to like the family dog and take her on frequent walks.

My end goal for 2014 will be to run a 5k.  And yes I said run.  There will be no walking for this lady.  I know I have an inner runner in me trying to bust out and dammit! She will this upcoming year :)

So I don't fail I'm setting mini end dates for each goal and not trying to lose a X amount of weight.  I'll just focus on the above and weight loss should be a positive side effect.  I know when I focus on losing a set amount it sets me to fail city because I get discouraged when the scale won't budge.   

Tomorrow I'm taking my measurements and weighing myself.  Then I'm going to put the scale away. Other than my weight program weigh-ins I will not be checking at home.  I'm going to listen to my body and how I feel and go from there.   

I'm also going to blog more to keep myself accountable so please follow my journey and we will all have a fantastic New Year!!!!

Much Love!!!   

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