Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Evening Thoughts

Mondays will now be related to all things being Healthy from the inside out.   Though I have decided to not use the scale to weigh myself I also dont want it to be an excuse to just let myself go either. I'm probably always going to be a "big girl" but it doesn't mean I can't be a healthy big girl.

So in honour of tomorrows new weekly feature I will get up when my husband does and walk 30 minutes on a treadmill.

                Just because I'll eat that ice cream cone doesn't mean I can't be healthy!!!

Wednesdays are going to be book review days but that will start November 17th.  Here are some of the books I'll be reviewing. As you can see I'm trying not focus on books that say "diet" on the cover but just focus on overall health and well-being  

Health At Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your WeightIntuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program That WorksEat What You Love, Love What You Eat: How to Break Your Eat-Repent-Repeat CycleLessons from the Fat-o-sphere: Quit Dieting and Declare a Truce with Your BodySelf-Esteem Comes in All Sizes: How to Be Happy and Healthy at Your Natural Weight, Revised EditionWhen Women Stop Hating Their Bodies: Freeing Yourself from Food and Weight Obsession


     Please note that for now Sunday blog entries will be devoted to all things shoes/hosiery/socks

                           Some of my favorite shoes found around the internet

                                               These are from

                                       These are from

                                     These beauties are from

                                      Finally these are from

  All shoes & boots are easily available at a store within Canada and are easily shipped to Canada:)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Faith 21

Due to my pre-payday splurge I did not buy a winter coat today but since I really don't need another one for a month when I start working I instead was good and paid for various auctions, etc...

I got this outfit which I'll wear to hubby's Xmas party instead of the outfit i had posted in a previous entry
I also picked up this dress via a online plus size clothing community

Its pretty short so it will be for sure worn with leggins or even skinny jeans.

I also picked up this satchel

I can't wait to be working again though so I can not have to budget so much for shopping ESPECIALLY when going to Winners as its a place where you better buy it when you see it because its sure to be gone the next day  lol 

What do you think of this denim skirt from QVC.  I think it would look great with a belted sweater and tall boots and I'd buy it in black  

Much Love & Happy Living!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Winter Coat Shopping

I went to return some boots to Payless Shoes and then stopped by Winners (its like TJ Max) and looked at winter coats
I really like this gray one.  Its from Calvin Klein and is a 1X which I guess it a 18/20.  I like how it nips in my waist because I really don't have a shapely waist in the first place.

This coat is also from Calvin Klein but its a 2X and its single breasted.  It's ok but very huge which would be good for sweaters but isn't as shapely. 

I may end up buying one tomorrow and one at a later date when I'm working again.  If its still not in stock Alloy (website on the right column of my main page) has some really nice coats too.

Much Love & Happy Living!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Upcoming Posts

I have a few posts in the workings including what could prove to be a ongoing series on tights for plus size or over the average size woman (is there really an 'average' size anymore?)  I'll also be posting my thought on the recent Marie Claire Post regarding "Fatties on TV"  I think everyone deserves to show affection in public as long as its not lewd and I don't care if you are fat, skinny,black, blue, gay or whatever.  People of all shapes and sizes can be healthy or unhealthy but everyone deserves love and happiness.  Honestly, I have not seen the show the author was referring too but then again she admitted she hasn't too.  It kinda reminds me of when Roseanne aired a lot of people were offended because she dared show what a low income family life isn't all fluffy happiness and cute puppies.

Anyways more outfit of the day posts, work,life, shopping, clothes and shoes articles coming up:) I have a trip planned to Winners either today or tomorrow to see what goodies I can find and I'll be sure to take my camera too

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sometimes It Pays to be a bit OCD

I admit that sometimes I'm a bit OCD in the way I do certain things. One thing I'm really bad at is colour matching, or in my case, once i fixate on a colour not only do I wear but I use that same colour around the house interior too.  It drives my husband nutty.
I have been lucky that my newest colour obsession, blue, has latest about two years and is going strong.

 I always have my base colours, black and shades of gray, and then my fixation colour which usually is a bright colour for pop.
Another OCD thing that I do which is kinda neat is that whever i see a article of clothing I want i save it in a special folder on my laptop and then sync it to my iTouch.  This way when I'm out shopping if I can't remember what I was looking for I have a visual reference.  Also I use it to find similar items if I'm unable to get the actual item I wanted due to out of stock or not shipping to Canada. 
How to you organize your wishlist? Do you just write it down on paper or do you have another tools that help you when you go shopping?

Much Love & Happy Living!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Ms. Jack Harkness

Ms. Jack Harkness
Ms. Jack Harkness by terraskye featuring long sleeve tops

I LOVE Torchwood and saw these pants today on Asos and figured it would be great for a feminized Captain Jack look:) I wish I could afford the Vivienne Westwood Coat though lol

Good Works

I've been unemployed now for over a month and while I've been moping and whining while trying to find another job I've also decided to start doing some volunteer working.  I think its mutually beneficial as I'm getting out of the apartment, not focusing on the negative while helping out a great organization that in return offer assistance to the public or in this case, children. 

Tomorrow I have information session with a group here in Edmonton that help abused children going through the court system.  Hopefully I can be a calming presence for a very frightening and confusing situation.

My hope is to be doing this full-time while I look for a paying job and then still volunteer on a part-time basis afterward. 

Do you do any good works in your community or wherever/however?

Much Love & Happy Living!!


Love them or not tights can be really nice in the winter when you are wearing dresses or skirts. Of course finding tights that are warm in larger sizes is NOT easy.  So in my quest to find some great fitting tights I'm going to be place an order for a pair of tights from various companies online and testing them out based on these factors:
  • Cost
  • Comfort
  • Warm
  • Durability
Please not of course these reviews will be based on my body size and and since everyone carrys their weight differently you should view my reviews accordingly

These are the tights I'll be ordering on Friday from Sock Dreams
Foot Traffic Combed Cotton Tights

According to the Sock Dreams site:

"Fiber Content: 60% combed cotton, 35% nylon, 5% spandex. Machine washable in cool water, tumble dry low.
Sizing Tips: One Size Fits 5'0'-5'8" and 100-160 pounds. These fit all of us in this range very well so we, and Foot Traffic feel these fit a very wide range, up to 6 feet/200 lbs even though the label doesn't say so. Plus sized fits 200lbs and up very nicely on both ladies and guys (see heather graphite plus image)...
Additional Info: Expertly crafted using the finest quality combed cotton, these tights are one-of-a-kind for their stylish design, comfy fit, and lasting durability. Our tightly woven, fine-spun fabric has a jersey-like softness. No need to worry about runs or snags that often appear in ordinary tights. Our cotton tights are a balanced mixture of cotton and spandex, so they are sleek but strong. Sporting a discreet elastic waistband and minimal seaming, these tights disappear under the most fitted dresses or skirts."

I haven't decided what colour I'll be ordering them in yet but they do have a nice variety.  

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blog Changes

For those that have been following my blog when it was focused on weight loss and healthy living I apologize for the new changes.  I felt it was necessary to start focusing on some other areas of my life that make me happy and will hopefully mesh well with living in the now, healthy living, fashion and self-acceptance.  I'll totally understand if you decide to stop reading my blog but hopefully you wont and this new focus will inspire you as it inspires me.  I'm also hoping to start adding more focuses in areas of volunteering (good works), meditation and yoga and positive living .  

Much Love & Happy Life!!!

Winter Outfit 3

Winter Outit 3
Winter Outit 3 by terraskye featuring lace tops
Maybe more suitable for indoors but I love the top and the shoes..A bit unsure about the skirt though but I dont want to pair a longer top with a long skirt

Winter Set 4

Winter Set 4
Winter Set 4 by terraskye featuring leggings tights

Another outfit i think would look great this winter. I really love the boots. I've also been trying to expand and where more clothes that I always wanted to but never had the guts too.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Christmas Party

Christmas Party
Christmas Party by terraskye featuring black stockings

Im probably getting roped into hubbys Xmas party this year so I want to have a nice outfit. I need a great wrap to top this off with. I couldn't find a nice teal dress but I like the silver

Outfit of the Day

Hubby and I went shopping today in the Southside of the city. I tried on some Winter coats at Old Navy plus we dreamed furniture shopped at Urban Barn..Here is what I wore
or the Polyvore version

I think the outfit will look better next time with a belt but overall I really liked my picks for today

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Winter Set 2

Winter Set 2
Winter Set 2 by terraskye featuring black mid calf boots
Another great combination I hope. I love the tall boots and the short dress combination with the leggings..not sure if the short jacket works or a longer trench would be better though

1. Plaid Jacket at
2. Kallista Riding Boots from
3. Black leggings from
4. Dress from

winter set 1

winter set1
winter set1 by terraskye featuring ankle jeans

I'm a very visual person so I like to have sets of outfits so that I'm not buying things that wont match with anything else in my wardrobe. I'm also trying to have more pieces that will work with any season too :) 
1. Teal Sweater from
2. Wedge shoes from
3. Skinny Ankle Jeans from
4. Wide Belt from

Winter Wardrobe

Ive been trying to plan my winter wardrobe this week.  After finding a fabulous pair of knee high boots that fit my fat calves I've been inspired to try more items that I used to shy away from like coloured tights and some shorter cut skirts and maybe even a mini skirt (that would be brave territory indeed)

These are the the boots I bought from the U.S. store Target

I also had bought peacock blue tights from Addition-Elle and today I ordered teal and charcoal tights from We Love Colors.  I'll post up a review when I get the tights:) I'm also on the hunt for the perfect sweater dress and cowl neck sweater.   Oh and I LOVE the skinny jeans from Old Navy!!! HAWT:)

Oh yes I also ordered two wide belts that were on sale at earlier this week.  I have a list of self acceptance books I'm ordering from the library and other than my migraines and being unemployed I'm feeling good about myself these days!!

Much Love & Healthy Living!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Healthy is the new skinny

I've decided to stop "dieting" and focus on being healthy.  I've decided not to strive to be a certain "size" but to be the best "me" I can possibly be.  If Im never a size 9 then that is fine.  If I'm a size 14 or 16 then that is fine too.   I will strive to eat healthy but I wont deny myself that ice cream cone either.

This is where I'm at right now.  I'm tired of weighing my food and weighing myself.  I know that due to my high blood pressure i have to reduce my sodium and will need to drop a size or two or at least be more fit.   Other than that I have decided to stop the stress!!


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