Monday, September 20, 2010

Kickstart Program

I need help..I need to figure out to to kickstart back to eating healthy and working out.  Can anyone recommend a good basic plan either in book form or a website. 

I know what I need to do but need that bit of help to get me back on the right track

Thanks in advance!

I dream of Socks with Sock Dreams!

On  a blustery migraine filled day like today the one shining light was that my group Sockdreams order arrived today!! 

My part of the ordered consisted of two pair of the O'Marled Over the Knee Socks, Cotton Inklined OTK's in Royal/Black and legginng

I'm wearing the O'marled pair right now, yes i know I should have washed them first but I couldn't resist.  They fit my large calves and thighs which is great but I think I'll be ordering a garter belt as they seem to roll down a bit which will bug me when I'm wearing them out and not with tall boots.  Overall I'm pleased with them and I think they will be toasty warm this winter.   I can't wait to try out the other socks!!

Getting this order in the mail was a great pick me up as I have been totally bitchy since last Tuesday so Thank you Sock Dreams!!!

They have a great selection of socks that range from slender to Plus Size.  The shipping can get pricey but if you split the order with friends then its a great deal.   I'll be placing another order with them next month, more socks, a garter belt and sexy suspenders for my hubby.  Can't Wait!

Much Love & Healthy Living

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Crashing Lows

I lost my job this past week.  While I am VERY tech savvy apparently not enough for a to be unnamed Major Canadian telelphone/internet/tv provider. 

So yea, since I'm a major emotional eater and rejection is a HUGE trigger for me my eating is less than stellar. Combined with what I gained in training I'm sure that I gained another 5lbs since last Tuesday from uncontrolled eating.

Tomorrow morning though I am resolved to starting using the fitness equipment in our apartment building again.  I'll lay out my workout clothes and HRM tonight by my shoes and when hubby leaves for work I'll go and use the treadmill for 45minutes.  I'll do this every morning until I'm employed again and then make sure I still make time afterward. 

Much Love & Healthy Living

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Resolve & Resolutions

I'm resolved to not let training and my new job give me an excuse to gain weight back.  Tomorrow I'm going to the gym that is conveniently located in my work building and joining...Get this: it's ONLY $15/month since I'm employed in the building!! Great deal with a load of equipment..they are also open at 5am so I can make myself get up early and head out and then shower and get ready for training/work.  

I found a cute gym bag that I'm going to try and buy locally by this Canadian Company called Lug Life which funny enough ships from the USA so I'll try and located a Canadian retailer..

I'm getting it in the has a ton of interior and exterior pockets and a separate bottom area for my workout shoes which is nice.  

What do you consider Essentials for a well stocked gym bag?? I need ideas

Much Love & Healthy Living!!!

True Confessions

I think in the last 10 days I've gained back at least 5lbs.   Training is well but its mostly sitting and we don't have a proper lunch lunch in the building we're in so I'm eating at the mall at least 5 days a week.  I feel disgusting too. 

So I'm buying a new smaller lunch bag and some containers and making the effort to pack lunches that don't need microwaving and using ice packs since we dont have accesses to fridges either.   I'm going back to a bento box system which seemed to work well in the past and oatmeal again for breakfast instead of Tim Horton's.  I'm placing an order at for lunch containers too.  I'm good if i have cute thing to put food into.  lol

I hope everyone that is still reading my blog is doing well and again apologies for the lag in posts


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