Saturday, September 14, 2013

The truth is out there

There are good truths and not so good truths. My bad truths is my health but the good truth is that I can change that.   I can choose a new truth and make it mine and that is the beauty of it all.  KISS = Keep it simple silly:  Eat real food, move around, lift heavy things, and get a good night sleep. 

Here is another of my truths

It's not a pretty truth but it is my reality for right in this moment in time.  I know this can change but I've gotten close before and I now I can do this again.  Eat real food, move around, lift heavy and get a good night sleep.  This is my mantra, my chant, my new truth.

Here are my stats currently:

Height: 5'8 1/2
Current Weight: 260lbs
Shorts size pictured: 20
Tank top size: Old Navy XXL ( got to love their vanity sizing)

October 14th I'll be posting up another set up pictures and we'll see if my new truth is working.

Much love & bacon

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Battling Gluten, NAFLD & Bacon Jam

Today was pretty productive though this past week was less so.  But I'm relaxing and enjoying the weekend while processing information from the specialist I saw yesterday regarding my liver.

I had found out a few months ago that I had Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. Most likely from years of being obese and yo-yo dieting. The doctor said I'm on the cusp of having major damage and while it wouldn't necessary ruin my chances for weight loss surgery he wants to see some improvement before he is giving his blessing.  So my goal for the next six months is to lose at less 10% of my body weight so roughly 26lbs.  Its now not a matter of trying but now to actually do it.

I had five great gluten free days and then I gave in.  Tomorrow is Sunday so I'm making it a new start and kicking the gluten habit once and for all.  I also am trying to go low fructose to help my liver.

This morning my husband drove me and my nephew to this local place called The Enjoy Centre.

This place is massive with a Organic health food store, greenhouse, gift shops and bakery/cafe. I was pretty much able to find most everything on my grocery list including coconut aminos, maple sugar, veggies, and gluten free pies!!   I think this will be my new go to store instead of trekking southside to Planet Organic.

I then picked up happy eggs from my egg guy and some frozen grass fed ground beef from my new favourite butcher that is only three blocks from where I live.  No fresh grass fed beef but I was advised its coming so I'll be getting short ribs, a roast and bone broth bones.

Later this afternoon look at what I made 

This is bacon jam that I made from this cookbook

This was very easy to make though I recommend at least doubling up on the recipe.  I was able to get about 500ML of jam out of the posted recipe.   I'll be using the jam on eggs, burgers, etc.  I'll be making a lot for holiday gifts this winter too :) 

Much love & Bacon


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