Thursday, October 28, 2010

Winter Coat Shopping

I went to return some boots to Payless Shoes and then stopped by Winners (its like TJ Max) and looked at winter coats
I really like this gray one.  Its from Calvin Klein and is a 1X which I guess it a 18/20.  I like how it nips in my waist because I really don't have a shapely waist in the first place.

This coat is also from Calvin Klein but its a 2X and its single breasted.  It's ok but very huge which would be good for sweaters but isn't as shapely. 

I may end up buying one tomorrow and one at a later date when I'm working again.  If its still not in stock Alloy (website on the right column of my main page) has some really nice coats too.

Much Love & Happy Living!!


judy said...

too bad the CK jacket didn't come in a smaller size for you! I really like it.

Fiona said...

Thanks judy. They both are ck but the black was only 2x and the gray 1x. Lol

Sonya @ Eyes on the Hourglass said...

From the pics I think I like the black one better! It sucks you feel it's too big though.


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