Thursday, October 21, 2010

Winter Wardrobe

Ive been trying to plan my winter wardrobe this week.  After finding a fabulous pair of knee high boots that fit my fat calves I've been inspired to try more items that I used to shy away from like coloured tights and some shorter cut skirts and maybe even a mini skirt (that would be brave territory indeed)

These are the the boots I bought from the U.S. store Target

I also had bought peacock blue tights from Addition-Elle and today I ordered teal and charcoal tights from We Love Colors.  I'll post up a review when I get the tights:) I'm also on the hunt for the perfect sweater dress and cowl neck sweater.   Oh and I LOVE the skinny jeans from Old Navy!!! HAWT:)

Oh yes I also ordered two wide belts that were on sale at earlier this week.  I have a list of self acceptance books I'm ordering from the library and other than my migraines and being unemployed I'm feeling good about myself these days!!

Much Love & Healthy Living!

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