Sunday, December 22, 2013

Janurary 1, 2014- Whole 30 Reset Challenge

I decided that a New Year deserves a fresh start and I noticed that Stupid Easy Paleo is going a Whole 30 challenge so I signed up.

The Whole 30 challenge is 30 days of getting the junk out of your body and giving it a "reset"  this isn't a cleanse but a way of getting back to eating whole foods and detoxing the crap out of what your body doesn't need.

I totally recommend reading "It Starts with Food" or visiting the Whole9 website here.

I have this book on my kindle so I'm going to re-read it over my holiday time off.  There are printables on the website if you get the book in e-reader format and it is available for Kindle & Kobo formats.  I love this book so much I've puchased for a few friends for their e-readers.   Amazon has it priced for kindle at 9.99 U.S. and Chapters has it priced at 9.99CDN for the Kobo.

The Whole9 website also has a email daily support program for 14.95 but I am not sure if I'll subscribe because honestly who has the extra money post holiday spending. 

If you want to join in and maybe start a Team Prairies Primal just post a comment and I'll try and coordinate this for us :)   Group participation always have a higher success rate.

Happy Holiday!!!

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