Sunday, May 8, 2011

Picking myself up

April 7th I resigned from my job.   There were a lot of factors in that decision but the main ones were  a wishy-washy employer and constant stress.  The job itself wasn't stressful but the workplace environment was.   3 of us ended up leaving the company at the same time.

This of course turned me into a bit of a hermit and homebody coupled with depression and constant migraines.

While I swore I wouldn't never "diet" again I realize that my body is screaming for help to be more healthy.  After all I'm not getting any younger and I'd rather not have my future years spent as a broken down old lady lol.

So in the regard I've committed to getting more mobile,  being more diligent in what I eat and doing things that make me happy.   I'm thinking of joining Weight Watchers Online also, not for the diet factor but for the structure it would provide me in making better choices.  

So while I'm unemployed again my goal is to get back to my happy place and love life again.

Much Love & Happy Living!!!

P.S. I'll be posting more again too ..My goal is three posts a week

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