Saturday, April 28, 2012


Disclaimer: I don't swim but I love going in the pool and I'm hoping soon to be able to take some kind of Aqua non-swimming class...I have a fear of drowning so despite swimming lessons when I was younger it didn't take.

That being said, SWIMSUITS!!!

Land's End - Swim Top and then Swim Shorts

I love the colour and the flirty skirt- Land's End

Old Navy Swim Top

Old Navy Swim Top

Old Navy Swim Top

Old Navy Swimsuit Coverup

Old Navy I love the colour but am worried I may not be busty enough for it
I'm thinking I may order the swim shorts from Land's End and then get an assortment of cute swim tops to mix and match.

What kind of swimsuit do you have?   Do you swim a lot or just pool exorcise classes?

This mornings weight in : -2.7lbs and I walked 4.15 miles this morning

Much Love & Healthy Living


Melissa A said...

I like the ones that are a one piece with the skirt attached. I haven't worn a two piece with the tank top style tops, but I remember when my sister wore hers it was always riding up.

The Fiona Files said...

oh that is something to consider too..maybe I'll get two and see...though I wonder what kind of return policy there is with swimsuits lol

Melissa A said...

I bought one at Sears and was able to return it. I spent a lot of money on it, even though it was on sale, and then realized I wasn't going to use it (my friend couldn't go to aqua aerobics with me).

The Fiona Files said...

I'll check Sears..I know they sell some LE stuff or i can just order at LE and return it at Sears if it doesn't fit

CurvyEveryday said...

Ok so I swim and have done water aerobic. In my opinion a 2 piece tank will drive you crazy. I have a few and i never wear them anymore. The top wiggles up especially if you are jumping around. Speaking of which be mindful of the straps so you're not constantly having to adjust them and be nervous of the "girls". If you are leaning towards shorts do a one piece and get shorts or a skirt. If you have a sears outlet they have great LE bathing suits on clearance.If you are just chill in by the poolside and doing a dip than anything will be fine. Just my take.

The Fiona Files said...

I think I have decided on a one piece now...I am worried now about tops riding up and I"m not comfortable showing my 24year old stretch marked post baby stomach lol at least not yet


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