Tuesday, June 18, 2013

For Realz

I've not been doing to bad. I haven't blogged lately though as my husband had to have surgery twice for having carpal tunnel in both wrist.  Since my last post and now I've found out some things about myself and I have decided to start blogging again in earnest.

First discovery:  My body can be pushed beyond certain limits and survive, even thrive.  I've starting going to a personal trainer once a week and he has made me realize that I am more capable to doing more than I had allowed myself. 

Second discovery: Yoga isn't just some excuse to prance around in lululemon all the time.  I've only gone twice but I'm seriously hooked.  I practice asana's almost everyday at home and I've found that even five minutes of meditation a day is helping me immensely. 

Third discovery: Gluten hates me.   I've still been eating things with gluten but I've become more aware of how much I'm eating and try and eat less.   I'm still having digestive issues but I am hoping eventually I'll be mostly gluten free.  I'm not celiac but there is a suspect that I may have a intolerance there.

Much Love & Namaste

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