Saturday, August 24, 2013

Do Over


My blog has gone through the final stage of re-vamp and I'm happy to Announce the new name and url address

Finding your Primal Bliss!!!

There has been a 180 shift of my way of thinking and with my gluten sensitivities ( which I found out is a family issue)  I've been look more and more toward a primal/paleo life shift.

Right now I'm reading

Because I'm more of a Fantasy reader I've made myself a deal.  Two chapters of The Primal Blueprint and then two chapters of whatever I want to read.  So far it's a pretty good read and I'm learning a lot about fat and its role.

I also have these books on my kindle that are well worth the read in my opinion

I really recommend It Starts with food. I think its a very great starting point for anyone in this eating shift.

Right now I'm not 100% gluten free but I'm getting better and being more aware of what and how much I'm consuming.  Right now I'm hovering around 80% gluten free.  This has also made it easier to pinpoint when I feel lousy and hour or so after eating and ugh! that gluten bloat.

I'm eating more vegetables and lots and lots of lovely eggs.  I don't have to shy away from bacon and I find the taste of grassfed meats and full fat butter divine :) Right now as I am unable to buy butter from grassfed cows here in Canada I'm able to find a 83% fat butter imported from Poland at our local Italian grocery.

Today I'm doing 6 10 minute walk/jogs on the treadmill.  I find myself getting bored quickly on when I walk indoors so I think breaking it up during the day will be easier.  I have my podcasts and currently I'm listing to this one

While Paleo view is more parent oriented I really enjoy it.

Much Love & Happiness :)

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