Saturday, August 17, 2013

What I've been up to lately

I've been busy with work and dealing with dh's health issues and now in the beginning stages of the house we live in being renovated.  I'm also planning a trip to Portland, Oregon in October to see family which while is a good thing is lots of planning in a short period of time.

I was also accepted into our areas weight management program called Weight Wise. I had decided to become more pro-active and asked my GP to send in a referral.   I had my first appointment on July 29th after  five months wait.

So far I've seen an RN, Dietician and Psychologist.  Monday I see a internist and later I have a appointment with a sleep doctor for my sleep apnea. 

And yes, I decided to have weight loss surgery.   Now I know it seems like a cop out but trust me it's not. I've never had surgery in my life and I'm deathly afraid but here are my reasons for my decision:

  • I've been obese for over 23 years 
  • I recently found out a cousin who was three years younger than me passed away for weight related issues. I have some of those same issues
  • My dh has serious health issues and if they get worse I'll be his primary caregive and I want to be in the best possible health I can be
  • I want to run and run  without my belly flapping like a penguin clapping.   I'm sure I'm the only one that hears it but still Bah!
It will take up to two years before I'd have the surgery due to wait times but in the meantime I need to lose at least 10% of my body weight so approximately 27lbs.

I have my weight loss binder done up with all my paperwork and whatnot and on payday I'm once again taking body shots to keep track and I'll chart my measurements also.

I continue to try and be gluten free and I'm striving for a Primal/Paleo lifestyle.  I want to try CrossFit, run more, go back to yoga class and be the inner me that wants out so badly.

And look at this :)

This is me today on the almost TARDIS blue track.  I'm going again tomorrow and I plan to go every weekend that I'm able too.

I got this!!!

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