Sunday, November 6, 2011

Reality Check

Last Year I lost over 60lbs and then Yayy!! I gained it all but and I'm sure even more.  Yes, the Yayy was sarcasm. 

While I had vowed not to weigh and measure all the time I also know that I've been depressed, lacking motivation and just feeling blah lately.  One reason I'm going 80% vegetarian.

I also want to start walking again, running if possible and getting that energy back that I had 60+ lbs ago.  I have quite a few fitness, health and eating books on my TBR list and will be sharing some of my favorites with you. I had thought about starting another separate blog but I know I wouldn't have time to maintain another one.

My current goal for the next 8 months (which will be just in time for my next birthday) is to be able to walk 4 miles again in 45 minutes or less, eating more fruits, whole grains, and veggies, and being happier overall

Some of my current health finds:

My favorite magazine
A Fitbit device to track all activity AND sleep  (the latter I really need too)
Its 100$ USD and I think it will work great in conjunction with my heart rate monitor too.  

I may give in and purchase this from London Drugs

Some new workout clothes which is always a great motivator 

Work out Accessory (also on sale at MEC)

19$ at Mountain Equipment Co-op right now
I do need another pair of running shoes but for the life of me can't remember what sort I require so off to The Running room in the near future.

Some favorite sites for workout/athletic clothing (all ship to Canada)


Please note that my goal isn't to get down to a size 7 or even a size 11 but to be more fit and healthy. If that means that I'm healthier at a size 16 or 18 then I'm happy with that.  I know at my age its going to be harder to kick my metabolism in the butt but I'm certainly going to try!! 

Much Love!!

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Lazy Madonna said...

You know, I've been through the very same thing. I was going great guns for a while and then totally lost motivation. Fortunately, I don't think I've gained much of it back (yet) but I've barely exercised and have returned to my bad eating habits in the past few weeks.

Let us know how you're getting on! I could do with some inspiration :)


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