Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Old Navy Finds

I hit up West Edmonton Mall this morning to meet up with a friend and her son, run some hubby requested errands and do a bit of shopping

The cargo's were the last in my size on clearance in the colour i liked the best but I'm not sure if they fit right...I was trying them over tights so that may have been the problem and when I get batteries for my camera I'll get photos of me wearing it all...:) 

There were a few more tops I would have like to have picked up but they can wait until next week. I do have a photo, a very bad one of me wearing one I'll be getting .

oh Hey in the black shirtdress:) I forgot I snapped a photo in the dressing room heehee

Much Love & Happy Living!!


CurvyEveryday said...

If they are to tight, they do stretch out after wearing. They are meant to be low rise which drives me crazy. They are to big in the waist for me but i just pull them up and put a belt on them and i'm good to go. Takes a little getting used to.

Sassy Crazy Fiona said...

lol..ok..good to know as they are low on me too and i thought it was my stomach in the way. They did seem to fit better sans tights underneath so that is good too. For under 16$ though I can't complain too much:)I wish they were a bit bigger in the waist for me..Everywhere else seems to fit good

Vanessa said...

the shirtdress is classic! I love it in black, and I'm usually more of a color person! But a classic shape in a classic color is probably going to be a go-to item! Great finds! (I love it when bloggers post about their shopping expeditions, it's like tagging along with a friend!)


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