Sunday, January 16, 2011

Quick Update

I worked today and ended up with another really bad sinus headache:( I left work an hour early and came home, took some meds and was cheered up immensely by my hubby and uber snuggly kitty. 
I had a great blog post planned as I recently got a "Inspiring Blog" award that I was going to pass along but I'll get that done in the next few days.

For now I wanted to share some recent purchases with you.  I belong to this great sales community on Live Journal and have been happily doing my version of thrifting 

I really needed a suit of some sort for work meetings and this one fit the bill and was a great deal. I also loved the print dress and top :) 

Much Love & Happy Living!!

1 comment:

Thicker Than Your Average Girl said...

WoW you got some awesome stuff ! Cant wait to see you in them (hint hint)


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