Friday, June 25, 2010

Non Scale Victory!

I haven't had this great of a non-scale victory in a long time so I think I was due finally.

I biked over this morning to my favorite bike store to get my kick stand put back on and to pay for a bike I have on layaway so its a nice approximately 2 mile bike ride from my house, across the river and to the store. 

There has always been this hill coming off the bridge on the other side that I've never been able to completely bike up.  I've always had to dismount halfway up and walk the rest of the way

Today though I was able to bike COMPLETELY up the hill w/out stopping at all!! I was so freaking happy that I wish I had my hubby with me to take a picture of my victory!

1 comment:

Sonya @ Eyes on the Hourglass said...

Woohooo!!!!! Awesome job Girl.

That must have felt awesome.

Good for you for celebrating successes on and off the scale!


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