Saturday, June 26, 2010

Two Thumbs Up

The Yves veggie ground round was good.  I crumbled it up and added some taco seasoning and a 1/2 can of kidney beans.  It made a TON of taco "meat" mix.  I had some with my taco salad, YUM!, saved some out for tomorrow and froze two packages for later. 

Since I was so disappointed in the President's Choice green curry sauce in a jar I checked the jar of Pad Thai sauce and it too has some sort of meat ingredient in it too:(   Good thing I checked as I wanted to make Pad Thai this week. 

Vegan Chocolate Cake for dessert from Planet Organic and I'm a happy gal tonight


Sonya @ Eyes on the Hourglass said...

oh SH*T does it really? Man...I've done that twice now. I ate cream of broccoli soup once and then later found out it had chicken broth in it. UGH...... Oops! See I'm still learning too.

Does the green PC curry have meat in it too? Damn!

Fiona said...

The PC Green Curry has fish sauce and the Pad Thai has chicken stock(?) I think...I'm going to have to donate a bunch of stuff now to the food bank..things I'd eat but hubby will not. I'll have to check the other curry sauces but fish sauce is a biggie in Thai cooking...::pouting::


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