Friday, June 25, 2010

Polar F6 HRM

I bought this two weeks ago at a Fitness Depot here in Edmonton.  It was on sale, 30%, so I grabbed one. 

I was worried at first that the chest strap would be too small for me but hubby said it would fit and that I'm not as large as I think I am..LOL He was right and it fit fine.

I really love it and its very user friendly...Its a bitch though to upload information to the Polar site as its done via a microphone but it could be that the microphone is cheap too so we'll go and get another one and see.  Its not totally important for me to log my exercise stats on their site as it is getting an accurate calories burnt count entered into My Fitness Pal. That is the weight loss/food tracking site I use and like.

For a basic HRM I highly recommend it and if you shop around you can get a great deal on it.  I almost bought and F11 model but it was about 60$ and maybe had a few extra things the F6 didnt so I didn't worry about. If I do get more hardcore about exercising, running, cycling etc..I'll invest in a Garmin or a higher model Polar.

Polar F6 Women's Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Pink Coral)

Mine is the black one as pictured in a previous post

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