Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The 25$ Sephora Challange

I know that Sephora can be a magical and expensive wonderland to visit but I have a challenge to spend only 25$(with taxes 26.26) tomorrow.

I have nail polish so far on my list.  Something in a lush dark red/burgundy or deep violet.  Maybe some emery boards(think they are pretty inexpensive) but if you had a limit what you spend most of your 25$ on?  I'm scent free though so any perfumes or really smelly things are a no go. 

Much Love & Happy Living


Deborah said...

Wow. I don't wear much makeup and even so I could drop hundreds of dollars at Sephora if I lacked discipline. Let's see: for $25 I could get probably one new eyeshadow or gloss from the BareMinerals line, right?

Sassy Crazy Fiona said...

Good ideas:) I'll check out that line. I also didn't realize there is a MAC store at Southgate so I may have to encompass that into my challenge too LOL right?


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