Sunday, December 26, 2010

Reining it in

Its a big shopping sales day in stores and online but I managed to be very good and aside from a stop at Future Shop for some on sale video games and a new case for my phone I have NOT bought anything on sale.

Wednesday however, I will be going to IKEA and picking up some things as my 2011 project is to turn the 2nd bedroom into a dressing room/guest bedroom. 

Some things on my wishlist to look at

Malm Dressing Table (IKEA)
Sofa Bed (IKEA)

And a mirror (IKEA)

and some wall lamps for proper lighting (IKEA)

Drapes (Top ones: Target  Bottom Ones: Jysk)

Of course I also need to solve my bike storage problem but I think in the end I'll get it all figured out with some re-arranging and purging.  

I also need a full length mirror and put my artwork up too and it should be a real haven while getting ready for work or to go out.

Did you go nuts on Boxing Day or did you restrain yourself?

Much Love & Happy Living!!!


Lynn @ The Style Diaries said...

I went a little crazy! ;)

I'm also planning to re-do one of our spare bedrooms in the new year, and turn it into my shoe/dressing room.

Sassy Crazy Fiona said...

Great minds think alike..We both should promise to post up pictures:) I just kinda wish i could paint too

Vanessa said...

Looks like a fun project! Good shopping luck today!

Allyssa said...

I hope you get this message but where did you find a brown Malm dressing table? Online there's only white on the Canada site... is it on the U.S. site?


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