Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bits and Bobbins

I have today off YAYYYY so i thought it would be time for a nice, long and much overdue blog entry.
1st some new things

plus some Suede mid-calf ugg type boots from LL Bean.  All from eBay and either new or new to me in excellent condition. 

Also, remember this skirt:
I really like the plaid skirt and the black velvet one above but silly me!! I didn't pay attention to the length measurements in the item description and I think they are way too long on me.  So this morning I took both to the tailor just across the street from me and am having them shortened to just above the knee....I pick them up on Saturday.  I forgot to ask the tailor to save the leftover plaid fabric for DIY projects but hopefully she will anyways. 

I also got a gorgeous teal/jade dress and a gray top but I'll get pictures of them another time to blog about.  Both are new to me are in excellent condition and quite the deal too. 

Another impulse eBay purchase were these fleece lined tights

I wont say what I paid for shipping for three pair because you would totally give me hell for it but all I can say is Buyer Beware! However they were the only place I could truly plus size winter tights.  I got a pair in black, gray and navy blue.

The package says they will fit up to 250lbs and they probably will but I will say that they will for sure fit better if you are either under 5'8, way less than 250lbs or a combination of both.  I keep having to hitch them up every few hours which is only slightly annoying but tedious nonetheless. 
I wore a pair yesterday in -15 weather with a skirt and then again today in -10-ish weather. My legs were warm but not super warm. I may consider pair them with silk long underwear in anything colder than -20.  They are nice and thick though. 
They also make footless tights so I may buy a pair while paying attention the to high shipping better next time lol  

Much Love & Happy Living!!

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Lynn @ The Style Diaries said...

I really need to update my wardrobe with a few skirts. :)

Can't wait to see how your alterations turn out!


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