Saturday, May 19, 2012

Great Day

First off, I really needs to get a compact camera that I can have on me at all time for photos. I don't have a iphone with a good camera so this is something I really need to look into.

We walked to the downtown farmer's market today.  Today was the first too they are outside so it was a perfect opportunity to check out what was available fruit and veggie wise.  We ended up not buying anything today but I did scope out lots of booths to try in the coming months.

My husband and I then walked over to the mall so i could look for a few things.  They have a boutique Sportchek there so I checked out a bunch of things, running shoes, socks and I tried on a fuelbelt.

Its a one size fits all item but it barely fit but I was happy it even just fit though I'm sure in the coming months I'd be able to tighten it up.  I'll be ordering it for running in the next few weeks.  I always have to carry water with me when I walk or run not matter the distance or length of time. I have a one bottle holder for less bouncy excursions.

This was my Mother's Day gift to myself this year

Yes purple is my power colour this year:)   

Much Love & Healthy Living!!

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