Sunday, May 20, 2012

Week 1 Completed But Probably to be Repeated

This morning was a mini C25K disaster.  First my earphones crapped out so I couldn't hear the voice prompts and then I just couldn't either finish the minute intervals or I had to skip them.  I was a very sad panda too.

So after buying a new pair of JVC sport headphones I have decided that I'll probably repeat week 1 starting on Tuesday morning. Tomorrow I'm taking a proper rest day and working on stretches, taking measurements and body photos and doing some reading.   My legs are so achy:(  

I'm still also having stomach/digestion issues and I've been waiting for about a month now for a phone call from a G.I. Specialist.  My doctor said he sent in a referral but I've yet to hear from anyone.  I still think its either I.B.S. or Crohn's. 

Much Love & Healthy Living!!


Lazy Madonna said...

Sorry about your ongoing health issues - not good!

And well done on almost completing Week 1 of the C25K. You'll be an expert now when you repeat it :D

Lynn said...

It's so annoying when headphones go all wonky during workouts, I've gone through so many now. :-/

Good luck with C25K!


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