Sunday, May 27, 2012

Meet My Nemisis

Looks fairly innocent right?  Ha!!  Don't let it fool you, those stairs are the bane of my fitness existence and one I aim to conquer this year or die trying. 

I've done these stairs once and OMG  I about died, I did get applause when I made it to the top but that is only nice when you aren't preventing a coronary attack.

So today I started by taking those stairs baby brother, still up a hill but not as many stairs.  I still wanted to die but it wasn't as bad and getting Hi-5's from hubby at the top was sweet!!!

So almost a 5 mile walk today, including a tour of a fitness centre and a window shopping trip to The Running Room. I drooled over running shoes, looked at Fuelbelts and gym bags, Good Times!!!

How was your weekend?  

Much Love & Healthy Living!!!


Lynn said...

OMG, what a work out those stairs must be!!

Happy Soles said...

lol I know. and all the time I see people running up and down them too..I even think they are part of a boot camp circuit /shudders lol

Ali Miller said...

You can totally master them! Keep working at it! We believe in you! And five miles?!? I can barely do 2.7 so far!! :)

Happy Soles said...

Thanks Ali:)

Lazy Madonna said...


Stairs like that make my knees cringe...


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