Sunday, April 11, 2010


We actually biked today and I am so happy we did.  We did our ride in two parts as I had some slightly evil plans for the other leg our trip.

1st to Planet Organic to pick up some Nutritional yeast, Earth Balance and Organic Brown Rice. I wanted to grab some Vegenaise but couldn't find any and I also forgot to grab a couple other things but I guess that can be another trip later this week.


The second part of our trip involved trying to get our kitty, Willow, used to being on a bike for trips to the vet or outings etc....


She rode in her carrier slung on my back messenger style and did survive though there was quite a fur shed from her fidgeting around. She was also quite non vocal which was a happy surprise. Nothing like a crying cat on your back on a bike to get the pedestrians looking at you funny.

Breakfast was good: Oatmeal
Lunch was two slices of cheese toast with WW bread
Dinner will be leftover mushroom gravy on the Brown Rice I bought today Yummy!!

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