Monday, April 5, 2010


I never used to like Oatmeal, in fact, after a horrid period of my childhood, I vowed never to eat oatmeal again.

I know its good for me and I know its the good "stick to your ribs" kind of breakfast that will get you going in the morning.

About two months ago I vowed to eat oatmeal every morning for a month and train myself to like it. I did accomplish this but after trial and error I found I could only enjoy it with margarine and brown sugar, quite a bit of brown sugar too.

However, this morning I tried it with the margarine and honey that I had picked up at Planet Organic and I love it!!! I'm sure that the honey will raise my blood sugar like brown sugar but if I can switch over to the honey and then later to agave nectar or stevia maybe in the end this is the right way for me to do it.

I was going to take a picture of my morning oatmeal in my trusty Tupperware Microwave cup but I was so hungry I completely devoured it:)

Soon it will be time for a quick shower and since is a gorgeous morning I think I'll go for a walk since the tires on my bike are pretty flat looking:(

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