Monday, April 19, 2010

I wont lie

From this past Friday until last night I ate really lousy. All of our meals were restaurant meals and I usually ended up eating just twice a day.  Also somewhere there were Tim Horton Donuts.

I did however move around a lot with walking, climbing up and down stairs and more biking back and forth than I actually thought would happen.

I wont list any of the meals I ate but lets just say this: What happens during a move, stays during a move and leave it at that. 

Tomorrow I'll be back to my oatmeal breakfast, hopefully sensible lunches and suppers. I'll be moving around a lot again with unpacking and doing laundry so that should burn some more calories and look good on My Fitness Pal food diary:)

I hope everyone had a great weekend
Much Love & Healthy Living!!

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