Sunday, April 4, 2010

Where there wasn't a post yesterday

I had a migraine most of the day yesterday. It started early Saturday morning around 2 a.m and decided to stick around until 3:30 in the afternoon! It was such a lovely but wasted day too. I slept in bed with my kitty while my husband fended for himself. He did run out and pick up some Excedrin for me plus lunch which I barely managed to keep down.

Since I slept most of the day though I was up around 3:30 this morning. I'm on the sofa now and Kitty is sleeping on the back cushion beside me. She really does love me:)

It is going to be another nice day so I have my fingers crossed that hubby is not sick (we barely manage to feel good at the same time lol) so we can get a couple of errands done, come home and go for a quick ride before I start Easter supper.

Our Easter Menu is roasted chicken, mashed taters, dressing, gravy and veggies for me. I'll have my food scale and measuring cups out so I can make sure I stay within my calorie limit today.

Much Love & Healthy Living!!

P.S. If you notice the weight loss ticker yes I've gained 5lbs:( Hopefully it was just water weight and it will re-adjust when I go back to work this week and start walking again with the kids.

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