Thursday, April 1, 2010


I think the move is internally stressing me out. I noticed today that I have some splotchy patches of the skin under my arm. Its doesn't itch or anything and I'm not sure if its the Rosecea spreading either. I'll try and get to the doctor and find out what it is.

I've decided to rejoin Weight Watchers too after we get moved or around the same time. I feel like my eating habits are out of control and it worries me.

For example I was up at 4:30 and around 6am had a slice of cheese toast. Later that morning after running errands I came home and ate a 1/2 bag of mini reeses peanut butter cups. Lunch was a turkey sandwich made mostly healthy. For dinner we ordered Swiss Chalet:( 1/2 chicken with rice and some shrimp...slice of apple pie for dessert. Full disclosure sucks but in the end maybe that is what I need, to fully disclose myself to whomever reads this blog of mine.

Much Love & Healthy Living


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