Friday, July 2, 2010

Another Good Day

This morning I got in a 55 minute workout with Mr. Treadmill again.  Those 10% inclines are horrendous but I'm determined to be able to withstand for as long as I can.

Breakfast: 2 slices of 100% whole wheat bread, toasted and spread with light cream cheese, each then top with a over easy fried egg...YumYum

Lunch: 3 Ryvita crackers with some cheddar cheese

Afternoon Snack: 1 square of spelt Carrot Cake from Planet Organic Market

Supper: Falafel in a WW pita with some Tzakziki sauce, onion and tomato

Today's meals totaled under 1300 calories and calories burnt with exercise: 416

I went on a slight magazine splurge last night and today and picked up the newest issue of Vegetarian Times, Best Health (Canadian Publication by Readers Digest), Body & Soul Magazines plus a vegetarian recipe booklet published by Company's Coming Company.   My two books from Chapters also arrived so sometime this weekend I'll be starting the Living Vegetarian for Dummies book.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring!!

Much Love & Healthy Living


Miranda @ MirandasJeans said...

Fiona, I'm wondering about the amount of food you are consuming through the day along with working out. Now granted right now I am very low on my calories, but that is just a short term, I am worried that you are eating too little and that long term this isn't realistic. Just trying to look out for you is all.

Fiona said...

Hi Miranda,

Hopefully you will get/read this reply.

Thank you for your concern..I'm a bit worried too..I know I need more veggies but they always baffle me though I like most of them. baffle as is how to cook/eat them and so on plus I'm always worried about food waste. I'm honestly not eating less than MFP recommends on purpose and hopefully my appetite will boost up again soon. I dont want this to be long term, no desire to have an eating disorder.

I'm going to read your blog some more for more ideas and any tips you want to pass on will be greatly appreciated.

Yesterday calorie consumption freaked me out bigtime and I did have a bit of Liberte yogurt (not sure if I recorded that)

I'll probably have some more yogurt later this evening too.



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