Sunday, July 4, 2010

Glorious Sunday!!

I woke up this morning headache free!!! I was oh so very happy about that. I got in a 45 minute workout on the treadmill and made a nice breakfast, pancakes, for hubby and myself.  I did forget that I still had some vegan sausage in the fridge so I'll have to have a big protein boost lunch later.

I have to run to the Organic store too as we're out of milk and I want to grab some good bread and greek yogurt.   oh darn! we also need eggs lol

Lunch will probably be a huge sandwich with some of the meatless chicken strips I have, tomatoes, onion, mayo, and whatever veggies look good.  Supper will be a bit of the leftover mac n cheese and more broccoli with of the sunburst squash I have. 
ended up have a few chips and guacamole for lunch/snack and then took a nap...Woke up with a headache from not drinking enough water:(

Supper was a sauteed ear of corn off the cob and two small sunburst summer squash. Had that with some spaghetti and catelli garlic & onion pasta sauce as there was some leftover from hubbys supper.  My original supper just seemed soooo yellow.

I boosted up my calcium,protein and calorie intake by have my post supper bowl of fruit with 60 grams of Liberte black cherry yogurt and some shelled hemp seeds..YUMMY!! that will be my regular dessert now.  The fruit was strawberries, blueberries and blackberries:) 

I also didn't make it to the store today but will tomorrow as I need to find some high fiber cereal too!

Dessert will be a freaking huge bowl of fruit as I have a ton of it!!

Much Love & Healthy Living!

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