Saturday, July 3, 2010


I have a bad tension headache this morning. I did workout in the form of a 45-minute leisurely bike ride with a stop to Safeway for some provisions

I picked up:
Whole Pineapple and a funky Pineapple Corer
Sugar Snap Peas
2 ears of corn
Pasta Sauce

and some stuff to make a dip for veggies.  My total was under 40$ and I must say I'm finding that now that Ive gone veggie things are a lot easier on my wallet too.

I also stopped off at this little cafe and picked up two muffins for hubby and myself.  Mine was a berry crumble and his was a maple walnut...Mmmmmm

Rest and relaxing today

Much Love & Healthy Living


Miranda @ MirandasJeans said...

So what have you never tried before? I'm gonna guess pineapple hence the corer?

Fiona said...

LOL actually since I was head-achey I kinda bailed on the new fruit or veggie thing...I did see fennel at the store but I may go and pick that up Monday if I'm feeling better. I was looking for Kohlrabi or broccolini


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