Thursday, July 8, 2010

Here comes the heat

Today is apparently the 1st day here in Edmonton of the heatwave...Ugh! I hate heat, my head hates heat and heat probably hates me too.  Luckily I have a portable air conditioner on wheels that I can move from room to room..Saves energy too in the long room by only cooling one room at a time.

So I got a late start this morning and didn't get a long intense bike ride in but I decided that I needed to run some errands to I'd go up the bike path in our area first and then do my errands.

It was already starting to get warm but I soldiered on.  I picked up a new power bar for the A/C and then headed to Planet Organic

I was excited to see they had the Liberte Greek Yogurt in Vanilla so Hell Yea! I grabbed some and boy those carrots looked so yummy I had to grab a bunch to roast in the toaster oven.
I also picked up:
Veggie Bouillon
Locally Made Vanilla Ice Cream
Spinach Pakoras (for today's lunch)
Some re-usable produce/bulk bin bags (bye bye plastic bags!!)

Bike Cat Porn!!!

She loves being around our bikes and loves to be in stuff, literally so she of course loves being in the panniers.

Breakfast: the last of my overnight oats and a hard boiled egg
Lunch: Spinach Pakoras with Chutney
Supper??  Not sure yet
Snacks: Fruit, yogurt and hemp seeds

They were out of chia seeds too:(  I guess its a popular item so I'll pick it up on the weekend along with some coconut oil and this raw food cookbook I've been eyeing 

Much Love & Healthy Living!!

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