Monday, July 26, 2010

Five Days Later

After my short bout of sickness we had horrible weather here, rain and thunderstorms galore. I got lazy and haven't been exercising much but I have been making the conscious decision to ride my bike anytime I had errands to run so I am still getting some activity in.

I also had to meat "oops" well I did make the decision both times so it was totally on me.  I had pizza with some shrimp and then yesterday on my birthday I had bacon with my breakfast when we went out.   I didn't get sick and while I did/do miss bacon I'll make the effort to make sure I have the veggie bacon stocked in the house just in case. Breakfast is always my downfall anyways:)  

For my birthday I got a bike basket for my vintage bike, some clothing and a box of chocolates. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day with my husband too.

Today for breakfast I had locally made sourdough bread, toasted with some raspberry jam I picked up at the Farmers Market on Saturday.

Lunch was a Greek theme: A wedge of Spanakopita from Planet Organic followed by some Greek Yogurt with 1/2 a peach and some fresh organic strawberries sprinkled with a bit of hemp seed.

Dinner is Vegetarian Beanie Wienies and some sauteed Swiss Chard.  I couldn't decide between Chard or Collards today but Chard won out:)

BTW for those that read my blog that are vegetarians how do you explain to friends & family that you eat more than just tofu??

Much Love & Healthy Living



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