Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stupid Toe

I'm already bored and even a short walk was pretty damned painful this morning too..I may try some bike riding though this weekend if I can get a shoe on without crying  lol

I picked up some cherry tomatoes,feta and rotini pasta for my supper tonight..I'll halve the tomatoes and roast them with some olive oil and S&P and toss with with the cooked rotini and some feta...I wish the store had fresh spinach as I would have wilted some down and added that too.

I've also been on the hunt for Fall shoes.  I have the hardest time fining shoes in my size here in Canada. I usually have to order up from the States.  Payless Shoes Fall line looks really nice though so I'll see if they have them here in my size or can order them for me.

Long weekend coming up with hubby too:)  Lots of movie watching and maybe if the Doctor ok's it I'll go on a ride too.  I'm going tomorrow morning to see my own Doctor and hopefully get it X-rayed as I'd like a second opinion

Much Love & Healthy Living!!

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