Sunday, July 11, 2010

I think I saw sunshine today

Today was a relatively typical Sunday...We lazed around a bit and I made breakfast.

I had two over easy eggs on WW toast with cream cheese...Yummy!!

I then did a 2.2 bike ride on my new vintage bike to the mall and met up with a friend and her mom.  We did some shopping and I bought the cutest black linen-ish skirt at Reitmans for 50% off...It was a 18 and a perfect fit too.  I also found out Ricki's goes up to my top and bottom sizes so YEA for having another shopping option for hip clothes...I maybe in my 40's but I dont have to dress like it. 
Yes to also resisting eating at the mall!!!:) 

I biked back afterward and picked up a few things at Safeway and then headed home.

Lunch was a PB & J

Supper: 1 Yves veggie Italian Sausage, some mashed potatoes and corn.  I'm still under calories so I'll probably have a treat later like a chocolate muffin with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream:) YumYum!!

Tomorrow its supposed to be nasty weather so I'll be getting busy with Mr. Treadmill again:)  

Much Love & Healthy Living!!

End of Week Exercise Total: 395 minutes!!


Anonymous said...

I love the egg + cream cheese combo, it's SO good!

Reitman's always seems to have good sales going, and Ricki's too for that matter. Those are my 2 fav stores to shop for clothing, most of my wardrobe is from there. :)

Fiona said...

I'll for sure be headed to Rickis when I start working in mid-August...both places seem to be a few steps up in quality from Old Navy which is where I have been shopping since i started wearing a size 18:) Next time size 16!! :D


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