Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What a downer of a day

Its been a very rough day for me today. First, I'm in pain with a low grade headache which I think is from trying to strength train yesterday. Some family new is also making me a bit sad and a few other things which all add up to basically sleeping or just lounging on the sofa. I wish I had chocolate or ice cream or chocolate ice cream but I don't which I guess is a good thing..I mean I could go and get some chocolate but it just seems to be too much effort right now.

This is going to be a very long long summer holiday..I wish I had been able to find a temp 6 week job to keep me busy.

Food wise it will also be a bad day though it did start out well with some overnight oats and a hard boiled egg....Its going to end badly though I fear

1 comment:

judy said...

Hang in there, Fiona!! I wish I knew of a temp job for you. Chocolate? I like Bernard Callebaut...or Purdy's. But i guess i shouldn't tempt you :p


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