Saturday, July 31, 2010

Goals and so on Yada Yada Yada

So it looks like my husband and I will be trying to take a holiday in Oregon during Christmas.  My mom is pretty ill, recently had a total knee replacement surgery and my BFF from High School said it was probably a good idea to go down after she visited my mom in the hospital.

So my new financial goals are:

Flights: Approximately $1100
Car Rental: 2000 Airmiles
Condo: about: $900-ish
Food & Misc $600-800

We're renting a condo instead of a hotel as I want a kitchen so I can save some money making our own meals and plus so I can cook our Christmas dinner too.  I'm hoping our meals will be on the lower end of my scale and I'll shop the sales when I'm there too.  We'll also try and leave my mom with a stocked up kitchen so I can make sure she is eating for at least a month after we're gone.

Losing weight is going to get a lot easier too as I'll be cutting our food budget down and making some other cuts to save up money.

I'm pretty horrid at saving money too so I need to somehow make this a game like for a 6-year old LOL

Also, I picked up some fresh veggies at the Farmers Market this morning but I'll talk more about that tomorrow:)

Much Love & Healthy Living!!

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