Wednesday, November 17, 2010

1st Day

Today was my 1st day of my new job

I am not that good at coordinating outfits for myself (though I do pretty good on Polyvore lol)  but I felt I looked ok at 6am:)

Top, Cardigan, and Wool Coat-Old Navy
Tights & Belt- Addition-Elle (tights are a peacock blue)

Unfortunately my unconventional training only lasted 3 hours as their servers overheated when the power went out overnight and the Air Conditioning shut down so I was sent home.

I headed over to Winners to look around. I wanted some earmuffs but didn't see any but I did try on some things and picked up this lovely Gray top for $19.99
It will look great with some black pants or a nice skirt and its long enough to wear it belted too.  Though I was sad that their sweater leggings were too big and the cute cardigan was too small this was my great find of the week for sure:)

Have you had a great shopping find this week??

Much Love & Happy Living!!


Lazy Madonna said...

I think that outfit looks pretty cute, so it's not just on Polyvore that you're successful!

CurvyEveryday said...

great look for your first day. Dress of success. Really like the blue ruffly peeking through.

Sassy Crazy Fiona said...

Thank you both:) hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to pull off another nice outfit.

Vanessa said...

Congrats on the first day at the new job! I think you look great, regardless of the time! And, it's even more of an achievement since you said 6 am! Holy cow, I've got about 3 hours left of sleeping to do by the time you're already taking oufit pics! Way to rise and shine! (And thank goodness for this bedhead that I live 1 mile from work and have gotten pretty fast at getting ready!)

Sassy Crazy Fiona said...

Thanks Vanessa:) I was actually up at 4:40am as I couldn't sleep but I took some computer time before I started getting ready. I will miss sleeping in :)

I'm about 15 city blocks from my new job but now that its snowing I'm bussing instead of walking or biking:)


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