Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tired is my name

I dressed down today for work.  Jeans and a shirt with a teal blue cardigan.I was running late so I dont even have horrid cell phone pictures to share.

Honestly though, next week I'm working 4 overnight shifts in a row so I for sure wont be doing any OOTD's. Heck if I could I'd wear yoga pants and a comfy baggy shirt followed up with tons of coffee to keep me awake:)

I was also going to buy shoes today but just came straight home after work.  I forsee a very early night to bed:)

Thank G$$ is Friday tomorrow:)

Much Love & Happy Living!!

P.S. I hope to pick up these shoes tomorrow after work

Two pair this week and hopefully two more next week.   I'm developing quite a shoe fetish:)   
All from Payless Shoes

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