Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tights Series: Maggie's Organics Part Deux

If you remember this post: A Continuing Series: Tights my friend and sister cyclist Deborah reviewed a pair of Organic Cotton Tights from Maggie's Organics.
Well in the interest of review all body shapes as much as possible with the same pair of tights Deborah lent me a pair to try.

For reference, I'm 5'8 around 250-ish and carry all my weight in my floppy way post baby belly, my thighs and my hips and calves. 

 haha..embarrassing pictures but a visual to see my shape and how the tights look on me

These are a size L and while they were fine in the calves and thighs they weren't quite long enough. Deborah passed along the Drag Queen's trick of wearing another pair of panties over the tights and I think that would work with me with these specific tights but I think sizing up to a XL would be even more perfect.  They were VERY warm and I think will be great in Winter.  These tights come in Black, Navy, and Charcoal.
I see also on their site that they also have footless tights in the same organic cotton so I may have to try those too.  If it's going to be a COLD winter  I'll at least have lots of tights to review with my lovely circle of friends up here.

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And finally, though not tights related, I figured after seeing my pictures you deserved to see something cute

I put up our little Christmas tree before decorating it so the furbrats could get to used to it w/out mauling it  heehee

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