Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Shoe Confession

A Confession- I used to truly hate shoe shopping.  1st I have a very hard time finding my size up here in Canada and when I do they are either sold out of the cute ones or they are just plain ugly!!
I have a wonderful BFF that I've known since grade 6 and she is kind of my forwarder when I place orders with US companies that don't ship to Canada.

With the exception of my boots I bought a few months ago ALL of my current shoes are over a year old so I decided it was time to stock up ...Today I ordered everything pictured about.  I love the boots I bought so I bought another of the same pair when my 1st pair wear out.  (all shoes above totaled less thank 100$ with shipping to my friends house, good deal even after I'll have pay for shipping to me)

The above are my Christmas present.  I know it seems like a lot of shoes in one shot but believe me I probably wont be buying shoes again for another year, or two....well I hope not at least.

For all the ballet flats I picked up this from London Drugs on sale

It was on sale for $20 and holds up to 18 pair of shoes..   I've heard skinny jeans also look good with ballet flats so when its too hot for boots I'll wear the flats.

I've also finally found the brown boots I think will be really nice

While I don't normally wear a lot of brown I think it will look great with my favorite blue/teal pop colour.  Plus I love suede and these are wide calf (   

Much Love & Happy Living!!!

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