Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Continuing Series: Tights


Hey everyone meet Deborah

She is one of the lovely bloggers over at Loop-Frame love and lives here in the same city as i do.

Deborah is 5'6 and hovers around 185-195lbs...She also mentions that she carrys her weight around her midriff and thighs and is short-waisted.

The tights she is wearing above are by Maggie's Organics and are available up to a XL

The Pro's:

"These tights are super comfortable, possibly because they're constructed with a wider-than-usual gusset that wraps all the way from front to back, waistline to waistline. Because the gusset is wide, its' seams end up wrapping along the inside of my thigh about an inch from my crotch, but they don't create a weird bulge or cut in, and they haven't ever chafed for bike riding or walking (both of which are planned for this afternoon). The knit cotton is super stretchy and really warm." ~Deborah

The Con's:

" it's that they're too stretchy, so that over the course of an afternoon of walking around they migrate south while the waistband stays put (I had totally forgotten that they do this.). I suggest using the old drag queen trick of wearing a second pair of panties on top of the tights to keep them in place. ;-)
They're almost too warm for this afternoon's temperature range of +5 to +12 degrees Celsius."~Deborah

Sunday I'll post up Deborah's Review of tights by Chinese Laundry that are available at Winners. 

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