Monday, November 1, 2010

Think Healthy Thoughts Think Healthy Thoughts

I awoke this morning with the intention of walking for 30 minutes, but of course, after sitting at the laptop to check email, Facebook, and Twitter I lost all of that get up and go spirit. I still plan on a walk sometime today but it may end up being after supper tonight.

Also on the new there was a segment on eating more healthy skin food such as blueberries, kale, broccoli, green tea, and salmon.  There were other foods on the list but of course I didn't think to jot them all down.
But in that note tomorrow after I take our male cat into the clinic to be neutered I'm going to stop at Safeway and pick up those items I just listed and plan a meal around them. I'm thinking of a teriyaki glazed salmon fillet, some brown rice or Whole Wheat CousCous, a side of steamed or sauteed broccoli and Kale and blueberries and nonfat Greek Yogurt for a late night snack. 

                                                  ::Happy Dance Time::

My three pairs of We Love Colors tights came in today.  Hopefully I'll get to review them soon though I really don't have any dresses or skirts to wear them with yet.   I got two pair in the nylon/lycra blen and one pair in nylon to try.

I do have another tight review to post up this week from the lovely Deborah who blogs over at Loop-Frame Love.  We both ride bicycles so not only do we need great tights for warmth/fashion we need them to be bicycle friendly too. 

So lots of great posts coming up and as always any reviews or items I blog about will be readily available to Canadian.  Any that aren't I will make sure to put a disclaimer on beforehand

Much Love and Happy Living!!


Vanessa said...

Ah! I saw Deborah's review of tights, but can't wait to read what you think of the We Love Colors line. I've never tried them before. But, like you I ride my bike often and am very reliant on good-fitting tights. Biggest problem for me is always having to pull them up! My faves that I've found so far are cheapie $6 tights available at Kmart through its Curvation line. I think maybe Target carries the line too?
Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier, and to answer your bike question: Mine is a new Electra Amsterdam Classic 3i (ladies). I love it and treat it like my baby.

Sassy Crazy said...

Wow I would have never guessed Electra:) I'm going to have to look at those again after i talk my husband into letting me sell my hybrid. I'll check Target online as they aren't up here in Canada yet but maybe my friend there can pick some up for me. I usually wear black tights but this year I'm trying to be more fearless with clothes.

Thanks for stopping by and I also emailed you earlier:)

Vanessa said...

I've actually only seen the Curvation line in black. Here's a link to them at Kmart's site:

and I just responded to your email!


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