Friday, November 5, 2010

Addition-Elle & Reitmans

I took myself to AE & Reitmans today to buy a belt at AE and just wander around and have some time by myself.

I took some pretty bad photos of some of the  clothes I tried on
learning how to wear a belt with my shape...luckily a sales person helped me out afterward
 I'm undecided about this top below but if its still there next week I may grab it anyways

 I heart the two dresses below and I have a 50$ off coupon to use around the end of the month so I may pick up both as I have NO dresses.  I especially love the dress with the red bodice..I think its pretty flattering for my flappy belly figure. Pretend that I'm wearing shapewear please

Then to Reitmans

 This top is going on my wishlist. I don't know why but I really like it
 My attempt of trying to be all posey lol
You can't tell but this corduroy jacket is a purple colour like Sonia at Anomalous Allure purchased but I'm thinking it looks better on her than me.  I really liked it though. The Reitmans I stopped by only had it in a 22 and a 18. The 22 seemed a bit large on me but maybe you can let me know what you think...The 18 was way too small so I'm thinking that if I could find a size 20 it would be perfect!! I may call another store and inquire if they have a 20.

No photo of my actually shopping outfit though since I didn't think to take one at the store. HAha I just realized I did take a photo of my shopping outfit. It's the first one but without the belt ::face palm::

Tomorrow I'm also colouring my hair a deep plum black. I usually have it blue-black so this will be a nice change.

I also need a haircut
Much Love & Happy Living!!


CurvyEveryday said...

I like the blue cowl neck top on you. The dresses are great and i can see the grey one with your target boots.

Sassy Crazy said...

Thanks:) I think I'm going to try and go back and snag it..i should have grabbed it today d'oh! fingers crossed its still there lol

Thicker Than Your Average Girl said...

You have great sense of style I love how you put all these outfits together and I have too say the grey dress I love it i would totally wear that cuteness


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