Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday's Ten Finds

1. This great dress available at the US Old Navy which now ships to Canada

Usually I would never pick such a bold print but since I'm going to declare Winter 2010 and all of 2011 the Season/year I am fierce I will be ordering this dress soon and wear with pride!!! You should order one too.  It also comes in a solid black an a black print    Retails for $38.24CDN

2. A-Line Corduroy Skirt from QVC

I'm hoping it looks a lot better on then on the mannequin but I've been search for a good corduroy skirt to wear with boots for awhile now. It also comes in black and chocolate brown. You can see it here. Shopping Channels sure have come a long way with clothing, shoes and handbags. I have a wishlist started at  lol Retails for $26.50USD

3. The Sony Bloggie 8gig

Oh my goodness this camera is cuteness personified to me  lol!! It had me at Bloggie..  Its a touchscreen camera, on my Christmas wishlist, is $229.99CDN and you can check out the details here

4. Danier Fur & Thinsulate Jacket

First I know its real fur and real fur is evil but I still like this jacket. If I could find a faux fur version of this jacket I'd prefer that. This Jacket goes up to XXL and is $169CDN....Information here

5. J. Jill Luxe Sweater Dress
I don't know if this would be my ideal sweater dress but I think it could be a serious contender. J. Jill does ship to Canada and I've purchased from them in the past with excellent results. This dress retails for $149USD, is available is sizes 1x-4x and in colors: black, crimson heather and dark charcoal heather (pictured above)

6. Tied: Kobo Wireless  & Sony PRS650 ereaders

They both have their pros and cons and I recommend either though I have the Sony one which I love dearly.   The Kobo retails for 149CDN and the Sony retails for 249.99CDN though I did see it in a Wal-Mart holiday flyer for 228CDN.  Also, the Kobo comes in 4 different colours and the Sony comes in 3.

7. M-A-C Cosmetics Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner in Petrol Blue
I am IN LOVE with this eyeliner.  I think its a limited edition so you must go NOW and buy some. It is available in 5 different colours and I'll eventually try them all.  I bought the Petrol Blue and it was some of the best eyeliner I have ever used. The colour was intense and VERY long lasting too. Retails for $17.50 at the MAC store online here 

8. Urban Barn's Globe Chair

I really want this chair in a dark charcoal or bright turquoise. It can be custom covered in 100's of different fabrics so the retail price will vary.  The base model in the fabric shown is $889CDN It's apartment sized and perfect for either tea and a book or cuddling..More info here

9. Noritake China in Graphite

I really love this china and one day when I can convince my dear husband to love it as much as me or at least tolerate it I'll starting buying it piece by piece.  Retails for $53.99CDN for a 4-piece place setting  at Bed, Bath & Beyond Canada online and comes in 5 different colours. More info here and here

10. ESPE Lotus Wallet

I have one of their wallets and I love it though its time for me to replace it.  Its a Canadian company too. This wallet retails online for $28CDN and comes in black and 4 other colours. More info here

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