Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You ARE Appreciated

After we dropped Jack the soon to be "Not Da Man" at the Clinic this morning I headed to Safeway for their once a month Customer Appreciation Day. This means either 10% off your total or 10x the airmile points.

I hate grocery shopping for the most part because though I try and have a list prepared it usually goes to crap when I actually start the shopping.

However, after being inspired by seeing something there that does their shopping that one day ONCE a month I loaded up on things I know are usually more expensive and I could freeze.
I also picked up some tea in the spirit of yesterdays posts

With my breakfast I tried the Fusion breakfast green & black tea which is a blend of Indian Assam black tea, Chinese green tea, Japanese green tea, African black tea and Japanese Matcha.  DELISH!!

Supper tonight will be salmon, rice and broccoli. I couldn't find any blueberries so I'll have fresh raspberries with my yogurt for lunch with some hulled hemp seeds:)  Yummy!!!

I also wanted to let you know that YOU ARE APPRECIATED!!! I dont really know how many readers actually visit my blog but even if you are the only one than I still appreciate you.  I dont care what you look like, what your religious beliefs are or who your favorite Hockey team is, all I care about is the YOU that YOU are:)  

Also tomorrow there WILL be a tights review up ..Im going to work on it this afternoon and post it up tomorrow morning.   I know it should be a Sunday but we can just pretend tomorrow is Sunday:)

Much Love & Happy Living!!

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