Monday, November 15, 2010

Tights & Hosiery: A Continuing Series

Here is another great review on some socks,tights, and hosiery related items from Sock Dreams.
Following Reviews are from Deborah, one of the bloggers over at Loop-Frame Love

For Reference: Deborah is 5'6 and hovers around 185-195, carrys her weight around her midriff and thighs and is short-waisted.

1st up are the E.G. Smith Spaced Dyed Cotton tights. One Size in Moonrock (Pictured above)
(they say up to 6' & 200 lbs; cut the same as their thinner Leg Therapy Solids, which the Sock Dreams peeps say only really fit to 5'8")

In Deborah's Words:

"I was really disappointed in these. They fit me perfectly in the leg - and look how cute they are!

"Unfortunately something about the way the gusset is cut and sewn - or possibly the fact that I am shortwaisted - means that the crotch is too low and cuts into my thigh. I could put up with them, but I think they would be too uncomfortable to cycle in. Our friend Angel tried them on and they do the same thing on her, despite her being a significantly shorter size 16-18 than me. My personal solution will be to cut the legs off and hand-hem them to turn them into thigh-highs, for wearing with item #3 (see garter belt below)." (My Note: See 1st Photo Above with Deborahs Notes)

However, I think the suggested sizing on these is too generous, and you can be up to 6' or up to 200 lbs, but not both. Proceed with caution."
2nd pair of tights are the Foot Traffic Combed Cotton Tights, One Size, in Black (I *was* going to order the plus size but ended up somehow with the smaller version.)

"These fit me perfectly! Well, not quite perfectly - over the course of the day the crotch migrated south slightly on me, which would be easily fixed by pulling them back up or wearing another pair of panties or shapewear over top. I'm afflicted with a super-flat butt, so curvy girls who have more of a booty may not have this issue with them. The waistband looks in the photo above like it cuts in, but it really doesn't feel like it at all, until the end of a long day in them. The tights are super stretchy and super comfortable, and fairly opaque yet lightweight enough to work really well for fall or spring with only adding legwarmers for chilly mornings and evenings. I've done a ton of walking and cycling and furniture-moving in these since getting them, and never felt like they were restrictive."

"I actually only realized when I went back to look at the label that I'd gotten the smaller One Size instead of the Plus Size version of these tights. I'd say that they'll easily fit up to a size 18-ish, and possibly even a size 20, which is great for curvy girls in the low plus-size range as the smaller size has way more colours available."

3rd & 4th The striped and solid Extraordinary Thigh Highs & The Japanese-made super-slouchy Harajuku Tabbisocks

"The striped and solid Extraordinary Thigh Highs do go to my thighs - I have about four inches to go to my crotch - and have elasticized tops that are just a smidgen too tight for me and create an unflattering bulge above. I'll scootch them down a few inches and wear them as over-the-knee socks instead. The foot is a bit too long on my size 9 foot and really stretchy, so I think they will fit the stated shoe size range of up to size 14. They're really cute! I tried on both, but only photographed the striped ones."
"The Japanese-made super-slouchy Harajuku Tabbisocks go to three inches above my knees if I pull them up all the way. So, they're not really an option if you're a curvy lady looking for thigh-highs, but really great as over-the-knees or slouched down around your ankles. The acrylic-wool blend is really cosy and soft."
5th The Super-Long Ribbed Leg Warmers (in Charcoal, an acrylic-nylon blend)
Are indeed crazy long, but they're also crazy skinny. I could almost pull them thigh-high and still bunch them up around my ankles:  However, they wouldn't stay thigh-high on me. I'd say these will go over the knee for most of us curvy girls but not much higher.
6th Topless Industrial Net Stockings With Backseams & Suspender Clip Industrial Garter Belt
"The backseamed net stockings are definitely thigh high, and sizzling hot. Super sexy, in a retro pin-up kind of way. But not so warm for winter, unless you layered them over a coloured tight. ;-) I think they would fit calves and thighs significantly wider than mine; they're labelled 1X-2X and I ordinarily can wear XL-1X."
"The garter belt fits me perfectly, and will definitely go several sizes bigger than I am based on the stretchiness of the elastic and the length of the velcro closure on the belt. I can easily wear it on my hips instead of my waist if I wish."

Thanks for the reviews Deborah!!! 
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Thicker Than Your Average Girl said...

Awesome I appreciate the pictures wohooo sexy mama in them fish nets =D

melanie said...

Thank you SOOOOOO much for this!! You and I have similar shapes and I had the same problem with the E.G. Smith tights. :(

I am *really* excited about the industrial garter/stockings, had been thinking about those but again, have problems getting stockings to fit right.

I just made another SockDreams order.

:) :) :)


judy said...

I have a pair of the Harajuku socks...they're so comfy and soft,I keep them super slouchy,too.
Awesome reviews, keep 'em coming!
And Deb,you look hot in the fishnets & garters!

CurvyEveryday said...

I'm not into tights, because of the whole fit thing. But these reviews are so helpful and i love the way you're doing them.

Ms.Ding said...

Wow! i just discovered your blog. Great site, and I love the tights reviews! I need to replenish my leggings/tights/legwarmers supply and it's not easy when you're a plus girl with solid cyclist legs. Thanks for the pictures and very useful descriptions!

Ms.Ding said...

Ok.. back with an FYI.. your post was great and inspired me to buy some tights and write about then and mention you in my latest blog post.

Deborah said...

Thanks for the positive feedback (and the ego-flattery) everyone! I'll be doing another guest-review early in the new year.


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